Heather carries a deep and ever growing love for Nature, Spirit and all things soul. She maintains a shamanic healing arts practice "The Yew Tree Shamanic Healing" and facilitates shamanic rituals, ceremonies, healing, readings and workshops on shamanic journeying, shamanic healing (training for practitioners), self-healing practices and plant spirit medicine in Northern California. Heather is the founder of Hearts Without Borders, a long distance healing circle dedicated to facilitating healing for the land near and far. Her passion and purpose is rooted in honoring the bridge that exists between humans and Spirit. For more info on her background please visit theyewtreeshamanichealing.com

2020 Virtual Session 1

  1. Plant Spirit Journey

2019 Session 1

  1. The Spirit of Cannabis in 2 parts

2019 Session 1

  1. INTENSIVE: Plant Spirit Medicine ~ all levels
  2. Bathing with Plants for Self-Care & Personal Transformation ~ all levels
  3. Inner Gardening for Young Women ~ ages 13 and up

2017 Session 3

  1. The Spirit of Cannabis parts 1 & 2

2016 Session 2

  1. INTENSIVE: Working in Partnership with Plant Spirits for Guidance & Healing
  2. Being in Shamanic Relationship with Cannabis