Ubaka Hill

Ubaka is a nationally known percussionist, poet, singer/songwriter, inspirational speaker, visual artist, teaching artist and facilitator of sacred ceremony. She uses the creative arts and music to inspire empowerment, healing and positive social change on the path of self diacovery.

Ubaka HillUbaka is a masterful facilitator and teacher of transformational mind-body wellness, rites of passage ceremony, creative self-expression, knowledge of sound, women and girls empowerment with multi-cultural world drumming, singing, discourse and dialogue.

Ubaka brings over 30 years as a Teaching Artist and performing artist, inspirational speaking and wisdom and laughter to her workshops, live concerts, gatherings and sacred circles.


2021 Virtual Session 1

2020 Virtual Session 3

  1. Drum Song Beyond the Edge
  2. Deep Dive Dialogue and Discourse with Ubaka Hill