Xochi Quetzalli

Xochi QuetzalliXochiketzalli or Xochi for short, is a young initiated Aj’Qij’ (Mayan Daykeeper/Spiritual Guide).

She is a Healer, Teacher, Artist and as well a certified Holistic Doula. She offers classes and healings based in Curanderismo, Mexica & Maya Cosmology, & indigenous Birth wisdom.

She met her teachers Nana Tomasa & her daughter Nana Sebastiana in 2012 and was initiated to the same path in 2015.

She honors her ancestors of Native California Indian, Mexican, & European decent in all the work she does. Her lifelong commitments to her dances, Sundance and Moondance for the past decade have shaped her at a young age and brought her to this path.  She has worked in ceremony with many nations all over Turtle Island and walks the Good Red Road.

She is the founder of Spirit Medicines Folk Healing Center and there offers ceremony, classes, and healings. As well she helps organizes special cultural community events in Humboldt county.

She offers community ceremonies most the year. From monthly womxn full moon Dreamlodge ceremonies, to community womxn sweats, and Equinox/Solstice Mayan Fire Ceremonies.

She teaches Native American Art Classes, making sacreds like moccasins, rattles, & drums and as well Ritual Art Classes based in Curanderismo. Yet, her passion is her womb healing series also based in Curanderismo; 9 Moons Cosmic Rebirthing Series.

And lastly she provides indigenous based Healings from the traditions of the south. From Mayan Divinations; sacred Tz’ite Bean Consultations, Mayan Astrology Readings, or Personal Mayan fire Ceremonies to as well Spiritual Limpias, Cleansings, & Healings.

Check out scheduled events or more information @ www.xochiketzalli.com

2024 Session 2

  1. Loq’laj Kotz’ij - Mayan Fire Ceremony
  2. Healing with Curanderismo - Indigenous Healing Arts, part 1
  3. Healing with Curanderismo - Indigenous Healing Arts, part 2 ~ intermediate   limited to 30 participants— part 1 required to attend part 2

With Maria Mariposa:

  1. Calling your Ancestros + Making Agua Florida ~ all levels Limited to 30
  2. Brujeria - Latinx Witcheria + Making Herbal Smoke Bundles ~ all levels

2023 Session 2

  1. Brujeria - Latinx Witcheria + Making Agua Florida  all levels - limited to 30 womxn
  2. CholQ’ij Mayan Calendar, Astrología, y tu Nahual   all levels
  3. Healing with Curanderismo - Indigenous Healing Arts, part 1  all levels & ages welcome
  4. Healing with Curanderismo - Indigenous Healing Arts, part 2  intermediate - limited to 30 womxn
  5. Loq’laj Kotz’ij - Mayan Fire Ceremony   all levels

2022 Session 1

2021 Virtual Session 1

  1. Curanderismo - Latinx Healing Arts  all levels
  2. Brujería: Latinx Witcheria with Maria Mariposa ~ all levels

2020 Virtual Session 1

  1. Brujería - Latinx Witcheria
  2. Curanderismo, Indigenous Healing from Mexico and Guatemala

2019 Session 2

  1. CURANDERISMO and Making Agua Florida
  2. Mayan Fire Ceremony – Loq’laj Kotz’ij (Sacred Flower) in 2 parts

2018 Session 1

  1. Curanderismo and Making Agua Florida and Limpia Bundles
  2. & 3. Mayan Fire Ceremony in 2 parts