DakotaDakota is a mother, writer, educator, healer, meditator and certified nutritional therapist. Experimenting freely on herself, her children and her (very willing) clients, Dakota has developed a line of unbelievably delicious, nutrient dense and metabolism changing superfoods. These treats will be momentarily available through her website: https://www.healthhappyplanet.com, and soon in health food stores across the country.

Dakota also hosts the Meditation Community Livestream, a virtual group-sitting: https://www.facebook.com/holdingspaceformeditation/

She has just started the Lock-down Pajama Party Video Series to share some of her favorite health processes, especially fermentation, sprouting, raw foods and miso making. She would like to open this series to other self-healers and nutritionists wishing to share their craft.

Also for practitioners, or those looking for them, Health Happy Planet offers a free (for everyone) directory, to find, connect and promote natural health practitioners of all modalities, around the globe.

2022 Session 2

  1. Miso Magik -How to Become One With The Mycelial World, part 1: Making Koji Rice (The Inoculant) 
  2. Miso Magik - How to Become One With The Mycelial World, part 2: The Koji
  3. Miso Magik - How to Become One With The Mycelial World, part 3: The Koji
  4. Miso Magik - How to Become One With The Mycelial World, part 4: The Miso

2022 Session 1 & 2

  1. Writing For Personal Transformation with Kellie Sloane ~ all levels
  2. Morning Yoga: Over three days we will practice the three primary methods of Vipassana

2020 Virtual Session 1

  1. Lockdown Pajama Party Video Series: Making Miso And Koji At Home
  2. Anapana Meditation
  3. The How and Why Of Nutritional Therapy
  4. Vipassana Meditation

2019 Session 3

  1. Yoga for MId KIds ~ ages 7-12
  2. Yoga for Littles ~ ages 4-6