Jessica has always considered herself an artist, working primarily with pen and pencil, and through creative writing. She has ancestral roots in metal work through her father and grandmother, who could trace her own lineage back to a blacksmith in Denmark.

Jessica worked as a teacher in the public school system for a decade, then transitioned into making jewelry, and began a line called Three Witches Designs in 2018.   Her jewelry incorporates items of nature-based spirituality, mythology and paganism.   She uses various metals, semi-precious stones, found animal bones and other objects in her work. She also makes brooms and bath and body products.  She follows the principles of resource sustainability and spiritual allegiance to our planet in her work and in her teaching.  You can see her work online at, or find her on Instagram at @threewitchesdesigns.

2020 Virtual Session 1

  1. Virtual Broom Making all levels

2019 Session 3

  1. Yoga for MId KIds ~ ages 7-12
  2. Yoga for Littles ~ ages 4-6