"I imagine a place where we are engaged at our highest capacity, having our gifts received & appreciated by others, knowing by living with truth, authenticity, love & courage, the world is a better place. This is a place of united peoples, where every voice has an eager audience, where love & compassion are given & received in every connection. In this place we are safe. It is my calling to work with others to create these sacred places." - Liesbet
Liesbet has an MS in Restorative Practices and has been practicing and teaching nonviolent communication for almost 10 years. She works as a coach, trainer and consultant for individuals and communities, supporting her clients with compassionate and collaborative communication. In addition to her work as a coach Liesbet is involved in research exploring listening, safety and leadership.

2023 Session 1

  1. TBA

2022 Session 2

  1. Radical Gratitude  beginning
  2. Dyad Meditation   beginning

2020 Virtual Session 3

  1. Embracing The Leader Within You

2020 Virtual Session 1

  1. Embracing The Leader Within You