Leslie has been involved with women’s health since 1978 when her friends got speculums and they gathered together to look at each other’s cervix. In those days they created moon lodges, womb rooms, and broke through loud silence about femininity, sexuality, and women’s rites.

Personal challenges with moontime cramps, fibroids, and a back injury inspired her studies with master herbalists like Rosemary Gladstar, Susun Weed, and set her on a path of healing.

After living alone in the woods for years, tracking animals, wildcrafting plants, listening to earth-rhythms, and training as a rites of passage guide, she became a labor & delivery nurse and massage therapist specialized with prenatal and postnatal clients. Leslie now has a private practice focused on women’s life-cycles from menstruation to menopause. She has studied pelvic bodywork with Rosita Arivigo, Tami Kent, and other pelvic gurus, and teaches bodywork for women’s health around the country, focused on pregnancy, bellies, womb, breasts, and the amazing internal pelvic Yoniverse! www.lesliestager.com

2019 Session 2

  1. Wombcare: part 1: Tending the Belly Womb Root
  2. Wombcare, part 2: Entering the Temple, Exploring the Yoniverse