Metzalli Van Dyne (aka Quetzal)

Metzalli is a Mexican immigrant woman of color who works with Santa Muerte, the Goddess of Death and Life. She is a curandera by inheritance, a Tarot reader, painter, dancer, musician, graphic designer, and Biologist. She has been a witch all her life, having learned curanderismo through her great-aunt. Although her roots are in protestant Christianity, she has been a Polytheist for over 7 years and is the presiding High Priestess of el Templo de La Santisima Muerte in Oakland. Currently her spirituality is a blend of Hoodoo, Voodoo, and Neo Paganism. Her herbalism knowledge grows from an entire lifetime around herbs and teachers at the amazing Ancestral Apothecary school in Oakland.

2019 Session 2

  1. Honoring the Passage of Life, The Spirit World, and All Aspects of the Aztec Diety Santa Muerte Ritual