“I am a 45-year-old mother of two. I am  a bisexual, gender nonconforming, lesbian identified, white woman.

I’m passionate about sex and sexuality, the health of women and girls, and awakening the source of the power of creation within us.

I’ve been studying the holistic health and wellness of women through the study and practice of homebirth midwifery, herbs, nutrition, movement, radical self-love, sexuality, creativity, and nature for 30 years.

I live in the realms of the Sacred Whore Sexual Healer.

I am an exquisite evolving woman.”

2019 Session 1 & 2

  1. INTENSIVE: Occupy Your Cunt

2014 Session 3

  1. Food on Your Face (Facial Mask for Radiant Skin)
  2. Make your Own Dream Pillow
  3. Paint Your Plant Portrait