Amber Young

Amber Young photoAmber is a 49-year-old - gender nonconforming, bisexual, lesbian identified, white woman and a momma of two.

She’s passionate about sex and sexuality, the health of women and girls, and awakening the source of the power of creation within us.

As a young girI she found a copy of Our Bodies Ourselves by the Boston Women’s Health Book Collective, and Hygieia (A Woman’s Herbal) by Jeannine Parvati.

These books and a tenacious connection with nature set a strong tide for her life.

Amber Young In her late teens and twenties she studied homebirth midwifery and herbal medicine, had two midwife assisted home births and eventually went on to work in a homebirth practice for about ten years.

She is also trained in the Somatica Method from the Somatica Institute and is a lifelong student of holistic health and wellness, herbs, nutrition, movement, radical self love, sexuality, creativity, and nature. She lives in the realms of the Sacred Whore, Sexual Healer.

2024 Session 2

  1. INTENSIVE: Deeper Trust, Intimacy and Community Building Through Repair ~ all levels

  2. Plants Nature & Sex,  in 2 parts ~ al levels

2023 Session 1

  1. INTENSIVE: Deeper Trust, Intimacy and Community Building Through Repair
  2. Sex-Positive Parenting 

2022 Session 1

  1. INTENSIVE: Our Erotic Nature And The Plant Allies That Support Us   all levels
  2. & 3. Deeper Trust, Intimacy And Community Building Through Repair, in 2 parts ~  all levels

2019 Session 1 & 2

  1. INTENSIVE: Occupy Your Cunt

2014 Session 3

  1. Food on Your Face (Facial Mask for Radiant Skin)
  2. Make your Own Dream Pillow
  3. Paint Your Plant Portrait