Ariella Laver

Ariella LaverAriella loves sacred instruments that bring sounds and frequencies to life and spreads healing vibrations. One of the many things she loves the most is creating sacred spaces for women to reconnect with their inner self and appreciate the rhythm of their hearts.

After spending years living with anxiety, fear, and confusion as a result of an incredible amount of traumatic situations during her early childhood, Ariella experienced an amazing transformation just by listening to the sounds of a variety of sacred instruments. It was the first sound journey she attended 12 years ago. She felt vibrations at places that were numb and scared for so long and her heart opened up just like a lotus flower that rises above the water. It was just an amazing experience that opened her mind and understanding of our healing ability. Just by listening and playing the sounds and frequencies of the singing bowls and other sacred instruments she began to change the way she was feeling and seeing herself. She learned that she can feel and enjoy it; she learned that she have a voice; she learned to accept herself; she learned to work with her fear and anxiety; she learned how to handle life better; and she learned how to be and love herself no matter what. That made her want to share this gift with others and lead them to their own sound journey.

2024 Session 1

  1. Sound Bath