“Pushpa” Danielle Barr

"Pushpa" Danielle BarrPushpa is a 500-hr plus E-RYT and RPYT Registered Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance. Pushpa lives in the redwood forest of Watsonville and works at Mount Madonna School. She is a mother of two children, two wolf dogs, two kittens and many chickens and ducks!
Danielle's classes are breath focused, grounding, fun and spacious. Her intention for teaching yoga is to hold a place for the practitioner to live a more present and connected life, offering moments of reflection, gratitude and pause within each breath. Many of her classes would be described as movement meditation. She believes a consistent yoga practice can act as a strong foundation for an awakened life.

Danielle has over 1200 hours of teacher trainings and has a deep awareness of the physical and subtle body and has her own devoted yoga, meditation and chanting practice for over 28 years.

2024 Session 2

  1. Morning Yoga, 1 ~ Earth - Let's ground and connect
  2. Morning Yoga, 2  ~ Water - tapping into the Flow
  3. Morning Yoga, 3 ~ Fire, Wind and Either - clearing, freeing and aligning