Lila Buckley

LilaBuckleyLila is a mother, writer, permaculturist, birth doula, teacher, dancer and student of life. She came of age with NCWHS in the 90s, and then spread her wings and spent the last 22 years working on sustainable food systems with farmers, researchers and policymakers in China, Peru, Senegal, Brazil, Malawi, France, Uganda and England.

This year, Lila comes home to California and to the Symposium on a journey to find sisterhood and healing from long covid that she and her second child developed after contracting the virus while on a work trip to China in December 2019. What a gift to come together again in healing and in celebration!

2024 Session 2

  1. Healing Rest Camp, offered 3 times

2022 Session 1

  1. Long Covid Holistic Healing Sharing Circle, part 1 ~ all are welcome
  2. Long Covid Holistic Healing Sharing Circle, part 2 ~ all are welcome