Lexy Baron
Growing up on the coast of Miami, Florida, Lexy was always found in nature and in the ocean. She found the natural world most inspiring, and went on to receive a degree in Biology. After receiving her degree, she decided to dig deeper into the ways of her ancestors, learning more about plant medicine and primitive skills. Her grandparents were nomadic Romanian Romani’s (Gypsies). They migrated to New York during World War II. She found that her individuality was deeply seeded from her Grandmother and the Eastern European nomadic culture. Full of drive and a love for medicinal plants and natural fibers, she went on to her own journey working with textiles and leather and creating herbal medicine. Lexy has worked in many fields, but working with her hands brings her the most connection with her true self.

After learning to make a basic Whisk broom from a friend, she found herself creating Brooms and falling in love with the art form. She adds weaving techniques, colors, and small brass bells onto her personal brooms in honor of her Romani Grandmother. Creating functional art out of dried plant life has taken the forefront in her recent creative endeavors. Lately Lexy has been teaching broom making. She’s honored to to teach people to work with their hands and to pass along an ancestral skill.

2022 Session 2

  1. The Humble Art of Whisk Broom Making, in 2 parts ~ all levels