Mandy Lynn Voss

 A Mother, Sister, Lover, and Dog Mom, who seeks out spiritual adventures to uplift her mind and exercise her soul. Living off-grid on a homestead in the Cascade Mountains of Northern California, Mandy has learned to live off the land. Plant Id, Primitive toy/tool making, Gardening, Hunting, as well as other homestead practices are a part of her daily routine.

Mandy Lynn Voss photoMother Earth, Ceremonies, and a Love of Sisterhood brought Sacred Fire into her life. With burn scars on her heart from a forest fire that took her hometown as a Young Maiden, she learned the teachings of Sacred Fire and the Beauty of what it can bring.

“When you hold Fire in a Sacred way, it will not Burn You, but Teach You.”

2023 Session 1 & 2

  1. The Sacred Fire- Creating Sacred Space Through Conscious Fire Tending   all levels
  2. Sacred Fire Spoon or Bowl Making, part 1 ~ all levels
  3. Sacred Fire Spoon or Bowl Making, part 2 ~ all levels--Must have attended part 1