Shakti Padmini

Shakti grew up in Czechia, a country with a long tradition of herbal healing and folk medicine. Since a young age she’s been curious about plants; admiring, loving, collecting & tasting them, then learning about their nutritive, medicinal and spiritual qualities – first from grandmothers and wise medicine women, later learning from some great sages, and the plants themselves. She enjoyed making healing potions for all family members and friends. Energy healing also fascinated her, sometimes involving physical touch, sometimes touching what eyes cannot see but hands can feel.  In her early twenties she resurrected herself from a debilitating (by doctors 'incurable') auto-immune condition by drinking herbal teas, and yoga stretching, following simple Ayurvedic principles, believing in wellness. Her passion for herbs and healing therapies grew, she studied Ayurveda and Western herbalism both privately, hands-on, and in a variety of courses across Czechia, United Kingdom and United States, always sensing a strong affinity with the plant kingdom. Over the years she’s enjoyed attending Women's Herbal Symposium, connecting with women, deepening and enriching her knowledge of natural healing and living in harmony with nature - our true nature.  She’s worked part-time as a Vilda instructor (nature program for children).

Shakti’s life has been shaped by the Tantric path – the path of flowing with the energy of creation, the radiance of spirit, exploring the mysteries of life, and living in truth and love. She’s devoted the path of the Goddess, grounded in the earth, reaching beyond the stars to the core of creation, surrendering to love, serving love. In her classes, workshops and private practice she’s been weaving together the wisdom of the body, the earth and the mystical beyond.

After college graduation Shakti left Prague for London to pursue her career in arts, but the world of spirit, healing and mysticism pulled her in. Following the calling of her soul she became an  international Yoga Teacher and Dakini (Tantra Teacher & Healer). Several years later, inspired by the magical births of her children she took midwifery, well-woman & doula training, started attending births. Marmas (subtle energy points) have fascinated her ever since she learned about them at the beginning of her Tantric path. Throughout the years she kept returning to the subject, inspired by Ayurvedic or Siddha medicine teachers and healers, until officially trained in Marma Therapy, Ayurvedic bodywork & Bliss Therapies at California College of Ayurveda, where she periodically returns to further her proficiency in Ayurvedic healing.

Though having danced and performed since early age, she discovered the sacred feminine art of belly-dancing in 1998 and keep going. For nearly twenty years she’s been a member of the performing troupe Dhyanis, celebrating the goddess alive in our sacred bodies.

Shakti’s also an author (Tantric Bliss, My Sacred Journey Through Messy Life), artist (visual arts, music), poet, ordained priestess of the Isis Temple, mermaid, mama, wild woman & nature lover. She’s passionate about resurrecting the true beauty of woman, the respect & reverence for our greater body - mama Earth. She loves the ocean: the wild, ecstatic, passionate feminine force bearing and nurturing life, the outer reflection of She – the love that we are.,

2023 Session 1

  1.  Marma Therapy to Nourish the Sacred Feminine, part 2
  2. Marma Therapy to Nourish the Sacred Feminine, part 1

2022 Session 2

  1. Marma Points for Everyday Vitality ~ beginning/all
  2. Marma Therapy to Nourish the Sacred Feminine ~ beginning/intermediate     women who attended ‘Marma Points for Everyday Vitality’ will get a deeper level of understanding, but newbies welcome 🙂
  3. The Sacred Art of  Bellydancing ~ all levels