Kira Trinity

Kira Trinity

Kira is an ancestrally-guided disability advocate who believes that all beings have gifts, regardless of the shape their body takes on Earth. As a late-diagnosed autistic adult, Kira dove deeply into understanding her neurodiversity through studying neuroscience, advocating for the disability community, and learning to navigate a complicated and challenging world of accessing disability supports in the USA. Having grasped the system and brought herself into equilibrium after many years of struggle and turmoil, Kira now offers community-based guidance to other neurodivergent adults seeking help. In addition to disability advocacy, Kira is a filmmaker who teaches screenwriting, has over 20 years of experience teaching ancestral crafts to children, and is a certified Sexual Health Educator. Since October 7, Kira has been reclaiming her Jewish identity of origin and is a safe haven for Jews and Israelis who have found themselves culturally isolated since.

2024 Sesson 1

2023 Session 1

  1. Inflammation: The Science & Spirituality of Feeling Better   all levels

  2. Healthy Relationships for Young Women

  3. Sewing for Mid-Kids  ages 4-11

2019 Session 1

  1. Autism Updated: What It Is And How To Treat Symptoms
  2. Sensory Fun!

2017 Session 1

  1. Short Story Creation Workshop: Plant Deities & Forest Spirits