Naomi Stein

Naomi SteinNaomi is delighted to be a long time Symposium learner, having studied here with both her Mother and Daughter. She worked for the Lawrence Hall of Science, U.C. Berkeley’s public science center, teaching environmental education, as well as science through theatre, for close to two decades. She led over 1,000 youth through the Sierras and California coast, ultimately becoming the Backcountry Programs Director. Her work there was funded by the National Science Foundation, the State of California and the National Institute of Health, and she’s been published by the University and WestEd. Naomi taught Biblical Ethnobotany at the Berkeley Jewish Community Center with Dr. Jonathan Siedel in the ‘90’s and is co-teaching Jewish Ethnobotany with him in 2023 through the Aquarian Minyan.

She is teaching Jewish Ethnobotany at Urban Adamah, also in Berkeley, this spring. Naomi will be a panelist for Kids in Gardens culturally inclusive gardening series. She has led Havdalah hikes for Temple Sinai and Kehilla Synagogue as well as Native plant walks for public and strike schools. Naomi is currently the balebusta for her family of four, maintaining health through eco-kashrut meals and medicines. If there are words in this bio you don’t recognize, but you are curious about, she warmly welcomes you to her classes. Feel free to be in touch directly at


2023 Session 1, 2 & 3

  1. Jewish Ethnobotany, part 1: Food and Tea from Jewish Traditions

  2. Jewish Ethnobotany, part 2: Oxymels and Syrups From Jewish Traditions   all levels

  3. OPEN FORUM Class with Shereel Washington - Saturday 2:00-3:30 pm
    (session 3)

2023 Session 2

  1. PANEL with Shereel Washington, Aya de Leon, and Susannah Mackintosh
    Sprouting Liberation: Courageous Conversations around Race, Ethnicity, and Belonging at NCWHS  all are welcome