Donna is an herbalist, homeopath, and NCWHS crone; a recently retired Naturopathic Doctor; former home birth midwife and a Laytonville community gal. A passion to go deeper still into the roots of life and love has taken her to India for most of the past two years. She’s back bearing gifts.

2019 Session 3

  1. Anxious? Sad? Life Driving You Crazy? ~ All levels
  2. Womb To Tomb And Back Again ~ All levels
  3. Tulasi Devi: Holy Basil: Goddess Of Devotion ~ Beginner
  4. Dying At Home - Shifting To An Appreciation Of Death As Natural AS Birth ~ All levels

2013 Session 3

  1. Shifting the Patterns of Insomnia
  2. Breast Thermography
  3. Lovin’ Those Umbels

2012 Session 2

  1. All About Paps And Treating Cervical Dysplasia   all levels
  2. Deep Peace    beginning
  3. What Is This Stuff?  all levels
  4. When Is A Crone A Crone?  all levels