Karen Aguiar

Karen is a medicine-maker and has been making herbal and mushroom medicines since 1995. She loves making things with her hands and is a nerd about plants, mushrooms, spagyrics, food, natural dyeing, colors, resins, bees, books. People, not so much.

She is the organizer of the Fall Northern California Women’s Herbal Symposium and was a past organizer of NCWHS for over 2 decades. She is also on staff teaching medicine making at the California School of Herbal Studies since 1998 and teaches various medicine-making, medicinal mushroom, natural dyeing,  classes throughout Northern California.

2017 Session 3

  1. Medicinal Mushrooms

2014 Session 1

  1. Edible and Medicinal Mushroom Cultivation, part 1 beginning
  2. Edible and Medicinal Mushroom Cultivation, part 2 beginning

2013 Session 1

  1. Making Herbal Medicine, part 1
  2. Making Herbal Medicine, part 2

2011 Session 1 and 2

  1. A Beginner’s Orientation: The Insiders Guide to Fun and Frolic at NCWHS, beginning

2010 Session 3

  1. Beginning Herbal Medicine Making, part 1   beginning
  2. Beginning Herbal Medicine Making, part 2   beginning
  3. Medicine Making The Old Hag Way: Using Solvents and Techniques Effectively    intermediate/advanced

2019 Fall Teachers

Karen Aguiar

Lauren Ari

Jamie Della

Cecelia Gillespie

Leann Greene

Donnalee Hart, ND

Sarah Jenness

Jenny Johnston

April Treona Lancaster

Drea Moore

Eli Painted Crow

Stephanie Root

Selena Rowan

Linda Sauter

Trish Seawytch

Stargazer Li

Laura Walker

Shereel Washington

Tamara Wilder

Jaguar Womban

Amber Young