Herbalist/Gardener, Grandmother/EarthKeeper, Pilgrim/Adventurer, and now, Hawthorn Whisperer is excited by the dynamic nature of life in a garden. Gardening since childhood, EagleSong has designed, managed and tended high visibility kitchen gardens and farms, commercial gardens, herb gardens & nurseries, and has trained in Healing & Therapeutic garden design. Today, she enjoys teaching health from the ground up by connecting people, plants and the earth.

EagleSong teaches and cultivates life in the cauldron of possibility at RavenCroft Garden, her home place and 30 year research garden. She also teaches at HerbWiseWomen, an online community for Herb-Ally Curious Women, where she delights in crafting space for women to connect, learn and transform at their pace in their place on earth.

2022 Session 1

2021 Virtual Session 1

  1. Cooling Fire: Meeting Inflammation Head-on with 3-Remarkable Trees   all levels Expand
  2. Hawthorn: A Generative Genus  all levels Expand
  3. Hands-On Hawthorn Medicine Making  all levels Expand
  4. Cultivating Medicine of Place   all levels Expand

2016 Session 1

  1. Tracking Hawthorn: A Reluctant Pilgrim’s Quest
  2. Hawthorn Recipes and Remedies:
    Preparation and Use through Time and Place
  3. Deep in the Green: Journeying with Whitethorn