EagleSongEagleSong Gardener

EagleSong dances her mischief in the hedge, that luminous place between wild and tended.

A lifelong gardener, she has designed, managed and tended high visibility kitchen gardens and farms, commercial gardens, herb gardens & nurseries, and has trained in Healing & Therapeutic garden design.

EagleSong is known for her wit and kitchen table wisdom and her incessant need to go outside and play! Today, she enjoys teaching herbs from the ground up wherever she is called. You can find her at the Hedge School at RavenCroft Garden in Monroe, WA and online at eaglesong-gardener.com 

Eaglesong Gardener

2024 Session 1 & 2

  1. Herbs! Oh The Stories They Tell
  2. Making and Using a Hawthorn Amulet
  3. Red Clover, Red Clover Send the Herbalist Right Over
  4. Tending Hands and Feet Well for the Long Walk

2023 Session 3

  1. Herpes! Shingles! Pain! Oh My!   all levels

  2. The Practice of Food as Medicine with Mexican Hawthorn

  3. Six Juicy Herbs Every Woman Should Know  all levels

  4. Water: The Universal Menstruum

2022 Session 1

2021 Virtual Session 1

  1. Cooling Fire: Meeting Inflammation Head-on with 3-Remarkable Trees   all levels Expand
  2. Hawthorn: A Generative Genus  all levels Expand
  3. Hands-On Hawthorn Medicine Making  all levels Expand
  4. Cultivating Medicine of Place   all levels Expand

2016 Session 1

  1. Tracking Hawthorn: A Reluctant Pilgrim’s Quest
  2. Hawthorn Recipes and Remedies:
    Preparation and Use through Time and Place
  3. Deep in the Green: Journeying with Whitethorn