Misty Dickerson

Misty DickersonThrough her many spiritual paths along this lifetime including her Native American upbringings, her studies of Ancient Siberian Wisdom, trainings in yoga, herbalism, childbirth, mentorship and communications, Misty has honed in her skills and deepest gifts to share with the world. It is her highest calling to serve as a leader, healer, and fellow sister in the areas of holistic healing, sisterhood, and helping women to find their empowerment through unique practices, story, plants, voice activation, ceremony, and teachings. Misty currently hosts a sacred bi-weekly Mother’s Village, serve as a 1:1 mentor, and teacher in many creative ways including holding ceremony, doula guidance through birth, group initiations, and retreats.

2024 Session 2

  1. Healing Through Ceremony, in 2 parts
  2. Rewilding the Feminine, in 2 parts