Chih Yu Dahlstrom (Vivian)

Chih Yu Dahlstrom Vivian

Chih Yu's relationship with Gua Sha and the world of Chinese herbal and holistic medicine started when she was a child growing up in Taiwan. Her father, who learned Gua Sha from his father, first taught Chih Yu how to use Gua Sha in middle school when she was clinically diagnosed with hereditary vertigo and related issues. Because of how effective Gua Sha was in tending to her symptoms, her father taught her how to use Gua Sha on herself and her friends and family and soon she began confidently sharing her skills with others. This journey, combined with her mother's background as a nurse practitioner in hospitals in Taipei, Taiwan, taught her about a wide variety of holistic methods of tending to the human body and many different types of herbal medicines including oils, teas, balms, and bathing infusions. 

When Chih Yu's not learning about medicine, she can be found hiking, camping, and waking up early to see the sunrises, then going out in the evening to take pictures of the sunsets with her husband and their husky pup before coming home to cook delicious Asian cuisine. 

Chih Yu is excited and honored to have been asked to share her Gua Sha knowledge with the Northern California Women's Herbal Symposium and looks forward to returning for her second year!

2024 Session 3

  1. Immersive Gua Sha   limited to 24 participants ~ beginning/intermediate

2023 Session 2

  1. Immersive Gua Sha   beginning-intermediate