Corbin Bashar

Corbin is a fiber artist and teacher who enjoys pushing the edge of wool, whimsy and wonder by using a felting needle to sculpt and coax elemental spirits into form. She loves to share the magical art of needle felting and has led fiber workshops for over 15 years at many art retreats, schools and galleries. 


2023 Session 2

  1. Games
  2. Mid-Kid Felting (incorporating natural found objects)
  3. Painting With Wool: Tapestry Class for Young Women

2019 Session 1

  1. Mid-Kids Meet Up
  2. Felted Acorn Cap Necklaces
  3. Tree Class for Mid Kids

2018 Session 1

  1. Mid-Kids Meet Up, 2 sessions

2017 Session 1 co-teaching with Ren Madrone

  1. Express your Goddess or  Sacred Plant Spirit thru felt: Needle Felted Goddess and Plant Spirit  tapestries or Masks 

2015 Session 1 & 2

2014 Session 1

  1. Power Shields /Prayer Flags for Young Women
  2. Fairies Of Love, part 1 for Mid Kids
  3. Fairies Of Love, part 2 for Mid Kids

2013 Session 1

  1. Painting With Wool all levels
  2. Painting With Wool for Young Wome
  3. Wild and Wooly Turtles, part 1
  4. Wild and Wooly Turtles, part 2