Maria RamirezMaria Ramirez was born and raised in Costa Rica. She grew up close to the land and plants, which she owes to her mama and abuela/grandmother who were also always gardening, working the earth, and working with herbs.

She moved to the US in her early twenties and now has been living here for almost 14 years. She recently moved with her partner and 3 year old son to the wild Klamath Mountains. There they are building a small homestead.

Maria is currently planting large gardens to grow her own flowers and herbs used in artwork and herbal medicine. She keeps bees, makes herbal honey, salves, and much more medicine.
In 2015 she started a small business: Tica Bruja Creations. Tica Bruja translates as Costa Rican Witch.  For truly Maria is a Bruja/Green Witch always creating medicine and art with her hands.
Her business is filled with visually magical crafts and jewelry and of course home grown herbal products.

She is a passionately creative person and loves capturing the eye with everything she makes. It is her inspiration to evoke feelings of beauty and balance to the soul.

Maria is an advocate for women empowerment. She believes strongly in women empowering women and her artwork emphasizes this in its beauty.

You'll often find Maria laughing, whispering chismes, sharing her heart, and telling all her friends how powerful and strong they are. She truly embodies the goddess and Latinx Bruja.
Last year in 2019 Maria and Xochiketzalli started Eureka's first community event celebrating Day of the Dead. Maria has a passion for her Latinx hertiage and culture and hopes to share it with everyone this year at the women's herbal symposium.

2021 Virtual Session 1

  1. Brujería: Latinx Witcheria with Xochi Quetzalli ~ all levels

2020 Virtual Session 1

  1. Brujería - Latinx Witcheria