Diem Amore Freeman

Diem AmoreDiem Amore is the granddaughter of Copperwoman. She has been attending the Women's Herbal Symposium since she was three years old and she turned 14 in 2024.

She has grown up at the Symposium. She can be seen now helping Copperwoman to lead the "tunnel" song for the maiden ceremony.

She is a great apprentice and Copperwoman hopes that she will follow in her footsteps and help to lead songs and sing for the food line! She is in 8th grade and is an excellent student. She shines her light bright!



Diem Amore and Copperwoman 2013

Diem and Copperwoman 2013 Symposium


Diem 2016 Symposium

2024 Session 2

2023 Session 3