Mehndi Mama Carrin

Mehndi Mama Carrin has been a professional henna body artist for over 25 years. She’s inspired by the curves of the body and accentuating them with adornment. Where the body is as much of the canvas as the art itself, with a symbiotic relationship of the two complementing each other. Her background includes an array of multiple events, venues, festivals, weddings and more. She’s been published, including in a design book of international artists, and has lectured & taught at universities, museums, symposiums, retreats, libraries, & schools since 1996.

Integrating ancient & contemporary she strives to inspire expression, connection, & healing through the interactive art of Mehndi.

2022 Session 2

  1. Mehndi, part 1: Introduction to the Alchemy of Mehndi ~ beginning
  2. Mehndi, part 2: The Cauldron of Activationbeginning
  3. Mehndi, part 3: The Body of Applicationbeginning

2015 Session 2

2007 Session 1