Misti Lefevre 

Misti resides in the beautiful Applegate Valley of Southern Oregon. She relocated there from Mendocino county 10 years ago with her family. She and her two daughters have attended NCWHS since they were young and she is so excited they finally get to participate in the maiden ceremony this year and to return to Symposium to share her love of natural and herbal crafting with the children..
Misti is owner and lead teacher of the Forever Flowering Children’s Garden which is located on her private property. She has been lead teacher for 6 years after becoming a  Lifeways trained teacher. Before that she assisted in a mixed age kindergarten both in Oregon and at the Waldorf School of Mendo  when her daughters attended school there.

Misti  is steeped in wise women ways by learning so much from attending Donna D’Terra’s Motherland Botanical Sanctuary and herb school in Willits. She is so grateful for that amazing opportunity to learn from Donna and her Yerba sisters in the class. Misti continues to practice herbalism growing over 50 medicinal plant varieties on her property and making medicinals for her family and to  share with her community.

Misti’s hobbies include gardening, crafting, yoga, hiking, playing in the clean rivers and mountain lakes, making delicious food and seeing live music.

2023 Session 2

  1. Painted Prayer Flags
  2. Herbal Lip Gloss
  3. Wooden Boats

2022 Session 1