Jen Bredesen

Jen  is a Community Herbalist, Teacher and Lymphatic Bodyworker

Jen brings more than 2.5 decades of herbal experience to the table in her teaching, working with clients in consultation & bodywork, and in kitchen witchery. She weaves herbalism, nutrition, bodywork, Ayurved & energetics into her clinical practice in Sonoma County. Jen is passionate about intergenerational healing, herbal first aid work, and loves to support community leaders, activists, first responders, farmers, students, parents, elders, teachers & children as they tend & guide the next generation. Jen collaborates with other herbalists, midwives & activists and has enjoyed organizing & working in the Wellness Tent for over a decade along with their cohorts in the first aid collective MASHH.

Jen Bredesen

Jen loves to create with the seasons and nourish self, family & community in the kitchen, work with microbiome restoration via fermentation, and has been a pioneer & consultant in brewing herbal beers.  The minus tide has been a potent teacher. Jen leans into learning from her roots in Tsalagi, Baltic-Prussian, Norwegian, Chiricaua Apache, Choctaw & Celtic lineages, is calling in teachers from these lineages, and studies her grandmother’s ancestral Cherokee language, Wado.

2024 Session 2

  1. UTI's ~ intermediate /advancedExpand
  2.  Divining Our Moontime Magic, in 2 parts with Robin Whealdon ~  all levels

2023 Session 2

  1. UTIs    intermediate 
  2. Adaptogens & Nervine Tonics   intermediate
  3. Divining Our Moontime Magic with Robin Whealdon    beginning
    Through ritualized engagement with story, song, and movement, we will journey with the Moon as she moves through the cycles of each month in correlation with our monthly menstrual/hormonal cycle.