Tirza Naramore

Tirza is the co-founder of both the Ayurveda Yoga Teacher Training and the Body Temple Yoga programs at the dhyana Center. She is sometimes found teaching relaxing yoga retreats on the shores of Baja and Hawaii.  With 25 years experience practicing and teaching yoga, she offers in depth instruction from many styles and perspectives, including Iyengar, Tri Yoga and Vinyasa. 

Most recently, Tirza has fallen in love with Aerial Yoga Play.  After years of teaching yoga on the mat, she is now finding new ways to stretch and “lighten up” through Aerial Yoga Play. Through asana, satya, and pranayama, her teaching focuses on the mind/body connection and finding pathways to self love and the devotional heart. Tirza lives in Sebastopol, CA. 

2023 Session 2

  1. Belly Beads and Womb Wisdom for Young Women
  2. Afternoon yoga

2018 Session 2

  1. Morning Yoga

2017 Session 2

  1. Morning Yoga