Dr. Bridget Somine is a California licensed naturopathic doctor, practicing in Santa Rosa at Farmacopia. She specializes in gut and immune health, hormone balance, and nervous system stress. She has a longstanding relationship with holistic healing and plant medicine, while also being fluent in the biomedical sciences and Western medicine. She focuses on nutrition, lifestyle, and botanicals as primary therapeutic tools, integrating Western and Ayurvedic perspectives. Additionally, she incorporates Craniosacral therapy, Visceral Manipulation, and Taoist Organ Massage into practice.

In practice, Dr. Bridget’s goal is to understand the many factors that are influencing one’s health, to address the underlying causes of imbalance, and help create lasting healing. She supports her patients in cultivating health practices that resonate with their unique values and intrinsic joys.

2022 Session 1

2020 Virtual Session 3

  1. Nourishing the Nervous System and Rewiring Chronic Stress, pt 1
  2. Nourishing the Nervous System and Rewiring Chronic Stress, pt 2

2019 Session 1

  1. Brain Power: Improving Memory, Mood and Cognition ~ Intermediate-Advanced
  2. Bone Health Beyond Calcium ~ intermediate/advanced

2018 Session 2

  1. Brain Health: Improving Memory, Mood and Cognition, 2 parts
  2. Transforming Allergies

2017 Session 3

  1. Emotions and Digestion: breath, self-massage and
    herbal allies for the digestive nervous system. Parts 1 & 2
  2. Balancing Blood Sugars

2017 Session 2

  1. Emotions and Digestion
  2. Allergies 101: Transforming your Allergic Threshold

2015 Session 1

  1. Vaginal Ecology, part 1
  2. Vaginal Ecology, part 2
  3. Living In Balance

2014 Session 1

  1. Vaginal Ecology, part 1 inter/adv
  2. Vaginal Ecology, part 2 inter/adv
  3. Radiation Protection all levels
  4. Skin Health Essentials all levels

2013 Session 1

  1. Living in Balance  all levels
  2. Optimizing the Emunctories, part 1   intermediate/advanced
  3. Optimizing the Emunctories, part 2  intermediate/advanced