Jenni has devoted her life’s work to supporting women during their transition into motherhood, and babies during their transition onto the planet. She has been a midwife, doula and postpartum counselor before becoming a psychotherapist and Infant-Family Mental Health Specialist. Jenni blends feminist spirituality, mindfulness practice, Jungian psychology and neural-developmental research to hold a compassionate, safe space for every family she encounters. Jenni sees clients in her Santa Rosa practice. She specializes in helping young children and their parents to build lifelong resiliency by enhancing their early attachment relationships, and helping people of all ages to break the cycles of intergenerational trauma through mindful self-integration. She is currently blessed to be navigating her own parenting journey with her precious toddler, Danica. Learn more about her work at

2016 Session 2

1.  Healing the Mother   all levels


Session 2 Teachers

Kashi Ananda

Jessica Baker, L.Ac., R.H. (A.H.G.) 

DeAnna Batdorff

Ilene Cristdahl, N.D., L.Ac.

Lynda Emashowski

Darcey Blue French    

Paula Grainger M.N.I.M.H.

Michelle Manger Keip

Jessi Lea Langston

Lily Mazzarelli

Kelly McRee

Heather O'Connell

Rebecca Porriono, N.D. 

Karyn Sanders/Nashoba Shilup

Marcey Shapiro, M.D.

Sonja Shattuck

Jennifer Silverstein, L.C.S.W.

Michelle Vesser

Bree Watson & Hari Darshon


High Crone Jill

Young Women

Terri Jensen

Sasha Monique Benedetti

Mid Kids

Other Classes

Stargazer Li