Céline Jennison

Celine Jennison photoCéline is founder and Chief Alchemist at Anato— Forest to Face® skincare. She has been exploring ethnobotany and concocting herbal remedies since she was ten years old. She has a BSc. in Plant Science and a graduate degree from University of Oxford where she undertook research in ‘restoration agroforestry’.

Since starting her regenerative skincare line in 2018, she has been studying holistic dermatology independently and stays up to date with the latest peer-review research.

In her blog post ‘20 years of plant passion’ you’ll find her extensive bio in pictures from the Hawaiian jungle to the permaculture gardens of Cuba.

2023 Session 1

  1. Skincare From Within, part 1 intermediate  

  2. Skincare From Within, part 2     intermediate