Francisca Santibanez

Francisca SantibanezFrancisca is a mama, plant lover and devotee, an animist, herbalist, ritualist, wellness guide, counselor, medicine maker, educator, artist and founder of Plant Spirit Talk.

She is passionate about healing, growth and liberation and repeatedly in awe of the magic, empowerment and activation of deep wisdom that happens, when we return to the earth for healing and remembrance.

She was raised in Brazil, Chile and California, and as an adult found her way to the lush jungles and mountains of Peru to study with Indigenous teachers of Mestizo, Quechua, Shipibo and Q’eros lineages, where she met her current teachers, Amelia Panduro De Sinuiri of the Shipibo tribe, and the Q’eros family of wisdom carriers and healers of the Quispe Apaza and Chura Flores Lineages.

Her interest in intimate connection with plants, the earth and the spirit world began before she could speak as an infant. This love and passion for the mystery and aliveness in nature is her primary compass in life, along with her devotion to Pachamama.

Francisca Santibanez portraitAs a queer BIPOC, ADHDer and sexual trauma survivor without structured support, her health and life fell apart over a decade ago. Embracing herbal medicine and going through initiations with plants saved her and helped her heal physically, emotionally and mostly spiritually. They’ve helped her remember herself, her purpose, her value, and her gifts. They’ve ushered her through a path of accelerated growth and reunited her with the Earth and her place of deep belonging as a part of Her.

In 2013 Francisca formalized her studies in Herbal Medicine through the Western Clinical Herbalism program at the Berkeley Herbal Center, where she also taught for many years after completing the program. In 2014 she took her first ancestral reclamation and remembrance journey to South America where she was able to meet and learn from many indigenous teachers through the Raizes del Sur gatherings of Tribes in Chile and later in Peru. Throughout her healing journey, she has been blessed with an abundance of teachers, Western and Indigenous, in human, plant, ancestral and spirit form. Their presence and teachings have guided her to her own Medicine’s awakening and initiations, granting a path of purpose, sovereignty and deep commitment to guide, support and pass on the wisdom she’s gathered, to help and uplift others as they awaken to their own Medicine. You can find her website here.

2024 Session 1

  1. INTENSIVE:  Florecimiento- Rituals for Flourishing   all levels
  2. INTENSIVE: Held by the Root- Ancestral Connection, Remembrance and Reassessing Our Sacred Contracts   beginning-all levels

2023 Session 3