Jennifer May

Jennier MayJen has struggled and felt challenged by life. And Also- What has always been clear to her is that she wants to heal and to grow. She is finding the courage to share something that has helped her and she wants to encourage all people to share their inspirations so we can lift each other up to the light.

We never know when we might share an inspiration with someone that changes their life. The first time Jen used a Guasha (thank you Deanna) her life was forever changed. Inspiring someone is different than telling them what to do. That took a long time for her to learn. And that’s real. She loves having real conversations with people of all ages about how we want to share and grow and is so excited to be able to offer this class and to have to the opportunity to connect with some of the very, very special young women and maybe even inspire some of them to connect with themselves and their day ahead. One day at a time. One moment at a time.

2024 Session 1

  1. Learning to Manifest for Young Women