Miré Molnar

 Miré Molnar headshotMentee of Judy Grahn and her Metaformic Theory

Daughter of Chantal Molnar, producer of The Milky Way.

Graphic Designer by trade, employed under Student Affairs at the University of California,  Irvine

As the daughter of a Midwife and Artist,  Miré has had an unusual upbringing and a unique set of life experiences. She is an educator, artist, event producer, mother, partner, and activist. Miré has focused her spiritual study and practice over the past 25 years in the areas of Witchcraft, Yoga and the Sacred Feminine. More recently her studies have included Thelema, Indigenous Ceremonies and Judy Grahn's Metaformic Theory.

Miré Molnar moon background and babyWith the wisdom of 8+ years in alternative education (at Holden High and The Open School), Miré has curated an Empowered Sexuality educational series meant for young people that orients from the Sacred Feminine lens. A class created (first actualized in 2001 at Holden High School and since developed further by demand from teen students at The Open School and modified for online instruction) to assist anyone interested (15 years and up) in forming a deep understanding on how to be a healthy and happy sexual being.

Alongside her mother Chantal Molnar, of The Milky Way movie, Miré has also crafted a Childbirth Education series. Like preparing for a hike up a large mountain so must the initiate-mother prepare for birth. In these courses participants learn the amazing process of the female body during the labor path as well as a shamanistic way to approach the experience of birth -free of fear and full of empowerment.

Courses available here: https://miremolnar.com/courses/ And for all you spiritual workers, Miré and her father, Frank Molnar, hand craft crystal and DNA Keepsake Talismans at: https://talismama.life/. For more information on her Community Social Practice work including Inipi Sweat Lodge and Menstrual Hut project go: https://miremolnar.com/social-practice/.

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