Drea MooreLicensed Massage Therapist, NAMA Certified Health Counselor, Certified Ayurvedic Yoga Teacher, Clinical and Community Herbalist

Drea describes her work as a delicious and creative mandala of radical ancient and modern practices served up with passion, presence and devotion. Influenced by punk rock, revolution, swamis, animals, poetry, music, art, literature, gardens, fashion, meditation, graffiti, landscapes, cooking and twelve step recovery, she practices Ayurvedic therapeutics, bodywork and pancha karma techniques out of dedicated treatment space in her home in Forestville and at the dhyana center in Sebastopol. Her favorite thing about this part of her life is trusting in the power of touch and plants, and witnessing the embodiment of her clients through the sacred and everyday elemental death/birth/rebirth cycles.

In acknowledgement of the spiritual call to action inherent in yoga and meditation, Drea commits her weekends to teaching by-donation Ayurvedic yoga out of a local community wellness center. She teaches mindfulness meditation, diaphragmatic pranayama and a slew of moves she gleaned from a Swami who blew through town for a few years during her early days of study. She invites her students to live and love yoga by ditching their smart phones and running with wild abandon into the nearby woods and fields to listen and feel and pulsate their energies.

When her hands aren’t busy working on a body or in Anjali mudra, they are thrust into the earth, compost pile and roots and sprouts of a home grown medicinal garden modeled on the one just down the road at the California School of Herbal Studies where she formally trained. Calling herself “sober herbalist”, Drea rocks thirteen years of active recovery from alcoholism and addiction and practices and teaches an aggressive non-alcoholic herbalism. She spends a fair amount of time denouncing the dominant narrative of alcohol in herbalist communities and is writing a book to advocate for an herbalism way beyond the tincture bottle. Her interns keep her medicine library organized, the jars real clean and the herb press on a tasty honey sweet slow drip of fresh and fresh dried plants and flowers. She is also a founding member of the Bay Herbalism Collective, a group of herbalists who run an even-smaller-than-a non-profit free mobile herb clinic serving small communities in need across Sonoma County.

She is currently a core faculty member of the Scarlet Sage School of Traditional Healing and teaching Sober Herbalism at the California School of Herbal Studies in the 2020 Roots Program.

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