Sage LaPenaSage is a Clinical Herbalist, ethnobotanist, lecturer, teacher, and gardener specializing in both Native American and Western herbal traditions.

From the age of 7, Sage has been working with local medicine people from her tribe, the Northern Wintu (California), and other neighboring tribes. Sage maintains a strong connection with her tribe through continued participation in ceremonial and cultural activities.

She has been teaching “Ethnobotany of California native plants” for over twenty years, and leads plant walks throughout the state.

Sage was a Community Health Representative (CHR )for two years after her clinical internship with Sonoma County Indian Health. A a CHR, sage assisted clients with diabetes care, nutritional counseling and doctor patient translation.

Sage is actively involved in watershed management projects and is currently the Water Resource Coordinator for the Hopland Band of Pomo Indians.

2020 Virtual Session 3

  1. Walking in My Shoes Panel with Holly Calica, Shereel Washington, Iyawo Lu & others

2012 Session 2

Diabetes: Symptoms, Diagnosis and Treatment

  1. Ethnobotany of Mendocino County
  2. What is Native American Herbology: Past, Present and Future