Yeshe MatthewsYeshe is Priestess of the Tsogyal Lhamo Drayang Ling, the Mt Shasta Goddess Temple in Dunsmuir, CA. She is a dharma practitioner and a licensed minister, ordained and initiated in several different mystery traditions. The Temple serves Mt Shasta spiritual pilgrims and worldwide Goddess enthusiasts with online and in-person divinations, classes, ceremonies, and retreats. Yeshe has dedicated her life to female mysteries, sacred healing practices and the ways of the Goddess, with ongoing study and practice in Tibetan Buddhism, Siberian/Mongolian Shamanism, Ifa, Mayan Cosmology, herbal healing, and Dianic Goddess Spirituality. With a Master's degree in Women's History from Sarah Lawrence College in New York, she has studied women's mysticism, shamanism, and matriarchal communities for over twenty years.

2020 Virtual Session 3

  1. Peace Tree Ceremony ~ all levels
  2. Herbs of the Ancestors ~ all levels
  3. Shooting Star Women: Psychedelic Priestesses of the Ancient Future ~ intermediate & above

2018 Session 3

  1. Dreaming in Blood
  2. Deep Clean
  3. Peace Tree Ceremony

2017 Session 3

  1. In the Hut of Baba Yaga with Dani Phoenix
  2. Kuan Yin Medicine Practice
  3. Magu Xian Shou; “Cannabis Maiden”, a Chinese Goddess

2013 Session 1

  1. Aquae Vitae
  2. Herbs of the Ancestors
  3. In the Hut of Baba Yaga
  4. Kirtan from the Heart

2012 Session 1

  1. Priestess of the Plants, part 1
  2. Priestess of the Plants: part 2
  3. Goddess Kirtan
  4. Folk Remedies from Country Doctors

2011 Session 2

  1. Aquae Vitae: The Waters of Life, all levels
  2. Herbs of the Ancestors, all levels
  3. Priestess of the Plants, part 1, all levels
  4. Priestess of the Plants, part 2, all levels