Marcey is a physician in private practice currently practicing in Berkeley, California. She has extensive training and experience in many areas of natural medicine including Western and Chinese herbal medicine, acupuncture, mind body techniques, flower essences, homeopathy, nutritional therapies, and hands on healing including Ortho-bionomy® and biodynamic osteopathy. Her approach to care is patient centered and participatory.

Marcey works with the client to address the many facets of illness/imbalance including biophysical and psycho spiritual concerns, then, with the patient, evolves a realistic treatment plan that might utilize a variety of modalities. Her medical philosophy is to work with the most effective, least invasive therapy that will help the patient, while improving diet, decreasing stress, improving exercise, and, most importantly, finding ways to increase happiness, joy and meaning in life.

2020 Session 3

  1. Ask Me Anything ~ all levels
  2. Marcey’s Approach to Covid Prevention, Treatment, & After-Treatment

2017 Session 1

  1. Fatigue: Causes and Cures
  2. Mind/Body Health: Telling New Stories to Create Improved Health Outcomes and Finding Joy in the Present Moment
  3. Aromatherapy Basics

2016 Session 2

  1. Cannabis, a Deeper Look (cannabinoids, terpenes and specific conditions)
  2. All About The Thyroid. Hypo/Hyper/Nodules
  3. Fatigue
  4. Autoimmunity

2014 Session 2

  1. Advances in Medical Cannabis
  2. Essential Oils as Herbal Medicine
  3. In Our Own Backyard: Northern California Native Medicinal Plants
  4. Natural treatment for Rheumatoid and Osteo Arthritis

2013 Session 3

  1. Demystifying Menopause
  2. Healthy Skin Ecosystems
  3. Mind Body Health: Shifting Thoughts to Improve Health Outcomes and Live With More Joy in the Present Moment
  4. Supporting Respiratory Tract Health

2012 Session 2

2011 Session 1